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Love and food - Warak Arish

In goes by many names, dolmas, dolmades, dolmeh, warak enab, WARAK ARISH. Personally I prefer the Lebanese name. At least that is what I grew up with. Warak means leaves and arish means vine. Warak Arish is the best dish in the world. It is so good that every Greek, Lebanese and Turkish Grandma will tell you their ancestors invented the dish and only we make it correctly. It sounds so simple but centuries of love and tradition are wrapped in this dish. This is not a dish you can make in an hour. I takes about 3ish hours for a single pot. That’s got to be devotion right there. You must be wondering what is this miracle dish that has won the world over. grape leaves- pulled off the vine- the canned grape leaves do not taste as good and are tough Salt Pepper Water 1.5lbs. ground beef or lamb 3/4 cup Rice, uncooked and rinsed in cold water Maybe a touch of allspice or cinnamon Fresh lemon juice You mixed the meat and rice together with salt and pepper. You wi