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YorkieTravels - Canal Trail

My name is Sadie. I live with my mom, Colleen. Our lives have changed a lot this year.   We used to live in a house with a lot of room and I had a backyard. My mom got divorced so that changed our lives a lot.   We moved to our apartment in Concord. We love it in the Bay Area. There is a very long trail that is at the end of our street. Mom likes to walk forever. I like walks if I see other dogs, squirrels and prairie dogs. I want to say hi to everyone. And chase the squirrels. Our walks are in the evening after work. I always get distracted by the smells and other dogs. I sometimes delay or get tired sometimes my mom picks me up and we go for a ride.  Walks are best. Here are some of trail walks. It’s a relaxing exercise for both of us.